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Publish in 5 minutes. Host on your own domain. Built-in newsletter and blog. No code or design skills required.


All-in-one tool for your personal site

Customizable, hosted page

Set a profile photo, cover image, and color scheme - and update them at any time.

Collect email signups

Build a personal newsletter by embedding a signup on your site, with no extra software needed.

Send emails to your list

Send polished email updates to your subscribers from within Postcard.

Custom domain Premium

Connect your own domain in minutes for a professional link that you can share across other websites.


Free page + newsletter

Affordable premium plan for hosting on a custom domain.



Personal homepage + newsletter

  • Personalize your homepage

  • Collect email signups on your page

  • Send emails to your subscribers

  • Host on domain


$12 per month

Host Postcard on your own domain

  • Host your page on your own domain

  • Add custom code, such as analytics

  • Integrations + API (Coming soon)

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