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Philip I. Thomas

I own Contraption Company, a software company making tools for online work. There, I build Booklet - modern email group software, and Postcard - easy personal websites.

I founded Moonlight, a remote work-focused developer marketplace I sold in 2020. Prior to that, I founded Staffjoy, which is now a popular open-source project.

Based in NYC, I enjoy visiting new cafes and restaurants. After two years as a digital nomad, I still travel a lot - with a focus on cities and learning about urban design. You can see where I'll be on Nomadlist.

Instead of social media, I share my updates here through a monthly newsletter.

You can contact me at, and find me on LinkedIn.

What I'm up to - November 2023

This is my monthly newsletter about what I'm up to, which I send in place of social media. What I did in October• Switched my daily driver Aeropress coffee recipe to this one by Jonathan Gagné. It produces delicious results. (His book Physics of Filter Coffee is excellent.) • Witnessed the aftermath of a bike crash, did some activism, and got featured in an article on Curbed. • Booklet, the modern email software I make, as a bunch of new features.  • Postcard, the personal website software I make, continues to grow as people leave the site formerly known as Twitter. • Made some light updates to the Contraption Company website.  Things to share• Articles: How Linear builds products. "What I tell employees about negative press." How Not To Sort By Average Rating. • Music: nadie sabe lo que va a pasar mañana • Podcasts: Charlie Munger on Acquired.  • Apps: Cursor, an AI-first code editor, has replaced VSCode as my daily development tool. Dutch Cycling Lifestyle  is a fun use of AI. • Trend: While chat is the best-known product from OpenAI, the Embeddings feature is powerful and being incorporated into many products in ways that are not obviously "AI."  • Videos: Magnus Midtbø did some videos with Norwegian military that gave a documentary-like glimpse into their lives.  • Coffees I'm drinking: Tim Wendelboe Caballero Geisha. Plans for November• Continuing to build Booklet features. • Spending a couple of weeks in Europe for a mix of work and fun.  • Working on essays for Contraption Company. Where I'll be • 12-14 Nov: Oslo • 14-16 Nov: Copenhagen • 16-19 Nov: London • 19-24 Nov: Nice, FR • 24-26 Nov: Barcelona Let me know if we overlap.
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I just published "What I'm up to - November 2023" on my website - check it out:

What I'm up to - November 2023
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