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Philip I. Thomas

I'm the founder of The Contraption Company, an independent product studio crafting tools that help people work online. There, I focus most of my time building Postcard and Booklet. I'm fascinated by how the Internet affects labor, and I seek to leverage technology to help people love their work.

In the past, I founded Moonlight - an early remote work company helping software engineers, which was acquired and continues to operate. I also founded Staffjoy, a startup that built flexible scheduling tools force for app-based workforces, which is now a popular open-source project. I studied Physics and Systems Engineering at WashU, and was a Y Combinator Fellow. I like to travel and explore urban culture through cafes and restaurants.

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I just published "What I'm up to - May 2023" on my website - check it out:

What I'm up to - May 2023
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