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Philip I. Thomas

I work on Contraption Company making tools for online work such as Booklet, FRCTNL, and Postcard. I'm based in NYC, but often explore other cities. I'm interested in coffee, craftsmanship, fermentation, and urbanism.

Instead of social media, I share my updates here through a monthly newsletter. Subscribe below if you want to stay in touch.

Contact me at You can also find me on LinkedIn,

What I'm Up To - February 2024

Here's my monthly newsletter about what I'm up to, which I send in place of social media. What I did in January• Hello from Tokyo! I'm here doing a creative residence at Almost Perfect. If you're in town, come join my presentation Rethinking Work Beyond the Factory Model tomorrow night.  • I published Digital Product Studios, an essay about product studios and a return to craft-focused knowledge work. It includes some photos of my trip to a watchmaking studio in Morioka.   • FRCTNL, the community for fractional tech workers I run, has steadily been growing. Come check it out if you're interested in part-time technology work.  • I've been hosting 6-person dinners for people in the tech industry in New York. If you're interested in joining a future one, let me know. • I've been building a lot of new things on Booklet: More design refreshes, a powerful search engine leveraging OpenAI, and image improvements - with more coming soon. It seems to be working - usage and revenue are steadily increasing.  Things to share• Articles: What is Fractional Work - on the new Fractional Jobs site from Taylor. • Tech: Apple Stolen Device Protection is a new security feature on iPhones you should enable. Screen Studio is an amazing little utility for making screen recordings on Mac - I'm using it for Booklet updates. Inter Font is configurable. `text-wrap: pretty` is my new favorite CSS property.  • Podcasts: Rosalía on Rick Rubin. • Music: Rosalía's first (flamenco) album. A jazz kissa played Under Fire for me when I said I liked music from Argentina. Nina Simone. Young Miko x Bizarrap. • Coffee I'm drinking: Two coffees fermented with an enzyme from Kopi luwak, served at Koffee Mamaya. Nagasawa Coffee in Morioka was amazing. Plans for February• Finally spending some time in NYC. • Continuing the momentum on Booklet's feature development. Where I'll be • Now - 6 Feb: Tokyo 🗼 If you're reading this, let me know if we overlap!
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I just published "What I'm Up To - February 2024" on my website - check it out:

What I'm Up To - February 2024
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